Thursday, October 11, 2012

playgarden - an illustrated map

We are lucky to have what they call here a "nature play garden" in our village. It's a wonderful place for children and their parents to hang out. It is a playground designed to encourage play with water, mud, sand, trees, find little creatures as frogs, butterflies and build rafts, dams or tree houses. And this summer they opened an apiary, which not only provides shelter to honeybees, but also functions as a bee education center for children to find out why bees are so important.

One of the founders flew over the playground with his hang glider and took pictures. We designed an illustrated map from them. We hope it will help the kids explore the playground and have lot's of exciting adventures.

You can find more info here: Het Weitje (Dutch).
If you live nearby: it's open in the autumn holiday and this Saturday the 13th of October there will be a nice autumn party. You are welcome to join, entrance is free, as always.

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